Northwest NEWS

September 11, 2000



   August 30: Police investigated threats by phone made to a nineteen-year old male. As a female yelled in the background, the male caller threatened the victim. When police were at the victim's house the suspect called and police were able to get the suspect's phone number by hitting *69. Police then went to the suspect's house and ended the calling.
   September 1: A civil problem arose when a man let a prospective new renter move some items into his rental home.
   The checks given the new landlord were both bad, and the man and his family were living in the house. The family was asked to leave, and have their belongings moved out. The landlord wanted the case documented with police.
   September 1: A man answered the phone in the middle of the night to a voice that wanted a woman who did not live at the residence.
   The caller called again and began threatening the victim's wife. The victim and police assume the caller had the wrong house.
   September 2: Police arrested a man on a 3rd degree theft charge in the parking lot of a local store.
   A clerk refused to sell the suspect and his friends beer after seeing how intoxicated they were. The group dropped some beer and the suspect picked up three bottles and left the store.
   Police found the suspect in the rear seat of a car in the parking lot, handcuffed him and read him his rights.
   September 4: Police responded to a family disturbance call when a passerby said he saw a male strike a female.
   A couple had driven to the area to have an argument because where they live was not very private.
   When asked about the situation, both members of the couple said the male talked flamboyantly with his hands and the passerby must have been mistaken. The parties were released.
   September 5: An underage male and a minor were arrested for drinking after work in the parking lot. An employee of the company said the suspects worked at the company, but did not know they were in the parking lot. The beer was dumped out, and one suspect was arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor, and the other suspect was arrested for underage consumption.