Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000


Transaction removes land from tax rolls

In response to your article "Transaction preserves 664 acre Bear Creek heartland", the headline could easily read Snohomish Co. residents receive tax increase. Additionally "...Cascade Land Conservancy protects & stewards open lands, ..." could be rewritten as ...Cascade Land Conservancy, a land grabbing organization, ...
   Simply put, the Cascade Land Conservancy, a non-profit organization (only meaning that they don't have to pay income taxes) bought 664 acres at a discount. Less cash out of pocket, less sales tax & escrow fees, if any, on the transaction. Then they sell the land to Snohomish Co. $1.9 million of taxpayers' money is used to buy the land. Taxpayers are not asked if they want to make this purchase and spend their money in this fashion. This 664 acre plot of land has now been successfully taken OFF the tax rolls ultimately by the very people who are complaining about increased property tax (state, local, school).
   Watch out for land/nature conservancies, they use YOUR MONEY (tax dollars) to reduce the TAX BASE (ownership of the land) by purchasing property all over Washington and the U.S. then "donating" or selling it back to the government.
   Kathy Peterson, Woodinville