Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000


Just trying to defend age group

I would like to apologize to Mrs. Collins for making her "feel like a victim all over again". This was not my intention, I was only trying to defend my age group, because the information that was given in the first letter led me to believe that she was just using teens as a scapegoat, just as many others do everyday. I have even heard my parents say things like,"...probably some punk kid being stupid" and other statements along those lines.
   I wrote the first letter because some of the information given was, including that the time was "...about 10:15 PM", showing that it would have been dark, therefore I concluded that she wouldn't have been able to see the occupants or the vehicle, if their headlights were on and Mrs. Collins was driving (derived from the comment,..."my driver side window down") and hopefully paying attention to the road.
   In addition, I was doubtful that Mrs. Collins could determine which car was the one that threw the bottle at her (one comment was, "we saw the vehicle speed down the road and turn down 132 ND.") since she stated earlier that there were"a couple of cars coming from the other direction" and I would believe that your first thought would be what just happened, not who did that, and by that time, I would think if they were speeding (again, stated in the letter) they would be long gone.
   I also never imagined that one response would mushroom into a controversy, but what happens, happens, so I'd again like to apologize to Mrs. Collins and hope that now everyone sees where I was coming from.
   Glen Trowbridge, via e-mail