Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000


City engineers advise Kenmore City Council on 68th Avenue NE improvements

by John Phelps
   KENMORE­More than 75 people attended a standing room only session of the Sept. 11 Kenmore City Council meeting to hear the recommendations of the city engineering firm on improving traffic on 68th Ave. NE from 175th to 185th.
   Ron Lowen of Bucher, Willis & Ratliff recommended that the intersection at 181st be realigned on the south side.
   "The south alignment is the better choice," he said.
   The south side realignment would eliminate A rentals and Numark Automotive.
   The engineers also recommended alternative number one, calling for four lanes north of Bothell Way to 181st. 68th Avenue at Bothell Way would have four northbound lanes, two for left turns, one through-only and one through or right turn. South from Bothell Way on 68th would continue to be two lanes. On the north of Bothell Way on 68th there would be five lanes, two northbound and three southbound. Southbound would have one left turn only, one through only and one through or right turn lane.
   During the public hearing part of the session, 26 people voiced their recommendations, feelings and suggestions to the City Council.
   Resident Ken Goodman presented the council with a petition with more than 580 signatures urging the city to save Mikey's Restaurant.
   "It is a place you will remember for a lifetime," he said.
   Dick Breckenridge, owner of the mall containing Rite-Aid, recommended, "Do nothing because it is not that bad now, and we would lose all left turn access to 68th."
   Dick Ramsey of Ostrom's Drug Store, stated that "the north alternative through Mikey's would cut Kenmore Village off from traffic access and severely hurt businesses like ours that has been here 37 years."
   Mike Hoye, owner of Numark Automotive, said, "I am in debt and cannot afford to relocate. I could be wiped out."
   On Sept. 25, at the next Kenmore City Council meeting, another public hearing will be held on improvements to SR 522 from 60th to 73rd NE. The city engineering firm will present their recommendations to the council and the public will be invited to comment.
   The council will then study the recommendations and hope to make a decision by mid-October on the total project.