Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000


New dragon joins Dragons of Komodo

Since its May opening, the Dragons of Komodo exhibit continues to offer zoo-goers a glimpse into the world of the largest lizard species that exists. Joining the zoo's two female dragons is a 7-foot adult male from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium where he was on temporary exhibit. Look for more news about his arrival in October. You'll discover why the Komodo dragon's impressive size and predatory prowess have fascinated the world for decades.
   Butterflies & Blooms is open through Oct. 1. This is your last chance until next spring to treat yourself to a scene of serenity as you stroll among a vibrant display of nearly 1,000 North American free-flying butterflies. And if you're a butterfly enthusiast, an outdoor Conservation Garden demonstrates how you can attract and sustain wild butterflies in your own backyard.