Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000

Front Page

Black bear sighted near school bus stop last Friday

On Friday morning, September 15, school children and their parents were standing at a bus stop at approximately 75th Ave. SE and 238th in Woodinville when they observed a large animal coming out of an old apple orchard near the road.
   "We thought it was a weird looking dog," said parent Kindra Surber. "and then, oh my word, I knew it was a bear!"
   She described the bear as about the size of a giant St. Bernard. "We thought the bear might be eating apples," said Surber. "I called 911."
   The Snohomish County Sheriff's Department, according to Surber, called Animal Control.
   There were no reports of any problem with the bear.
   According to local residents, it was recommended that homeowners not leave domestic animal food outside and keep garbage cans tightly closed.
   It is known that bears in the Northwest generally do not hibernate because of the mild climate.
   Experts say they sleep for a few days and then forage.
   It is recommended that anyone seeing a bear or other wild animal call King County or Snohomish County Animal Control.