Northwest NEWS

September 18, 2000

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Carnation Council moves forward with sewer plan

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   CARNATION‹At a workshop last week on the proposed city sewage treatment plant, the City Council reviewed alternatives, presented financing options and discussed phasing of the plan, according to City Manager Woody Edvalson.
   "The direction the council took was to go with the recommended grinder pump technology for the collection system," said Edvalson. "The council also decided that, although the city is prepared to accept the treatment plant as proposed, they have taken the position that they are open to alternatives if they are advantageous."
   Edvalson said the council also supported the proposed outfall location in the Snoqualmie River.
   "The council also agreed with the Sewer Advisory Committee recommendations over the reuse of treated water (effluent)," he said. "Reuse would be developed when financially feasible. They will be looking at grants or maybe support from users to try to fund reuse."
   Edvalson said the council also discussed including the Regal Glen development in the first phase.
   "In addition, the council indicated a desire to go forward with the site selection, which is on the former Shefer property at the west end of Entwistle Street," he said. "And they chose to go forward without the formation of a local improvement district for at least the first phase."
   Edvalson said funding is still undetermined.
   "We are hopeful we will receive grants but we don't believe they will fund the entire first phase," he said. "We are studying other possibilities, including state funding through the Public Works Trust Fund or the State Revolving Fund‹which offers low interest loans."
   He said another possible funding source is the U.S. Rural Development Program.
   The council also looked at authorizing staff to make the sewer comprehensive plan part of the general comprehensive plan.