Northwest NEWS

September 25, 2000


An open plea to Crystal Lake residents

I live on Crystal Lake Road/87th Ave. S.E. outside Woodinville. My home is one of the last on the road before it becomes a private road leading to the gated community on Crystal Lake. I moved in four years ago and at first went for walks with my then 4-year-old down the road. I quickly learned this was not a good idea as cars would come past my son and I at a high rate of speed. I use a wheelchair and there is no shoulder on this narrow road. So my walks ceased and my admonitions to my son never to go near the road became increasingly frequent. As we drive to and from home, I am always quick to point out to him how fast some of these cars are going. Because of the location of my house, I know these cars are coming to and going from the gated community at the end of the road.
   There is a daycare located north of me where in the morning several small children stand in a driveway waiting for the school bus. I have seen rapidly moving cars not even slow down as they pass these children.
   There is no posted speed limit on Crystal Lake Road/87th Ave. S.E. I think a reasonable speed would be 25 - 30 mph, not the 45 - 55 mph I have observed. I'm sure this is only a few individuals and certainly the vast majority of the residents and guests of the Crystal Lake community do not use excessive speed.
   However, yesterday, 14 September 2000, my new neighbor's beautiful dog, Danny, was struck and killed on this road right outside my driveway. These same neighbors have two little kids, 6 and 3. The neighbors on my other side have one young child and my own son is now 8. We all have pets we cherish. I would really love to go for walks again down our beautiful country lane. Would it be too much to ask everybody to please, please slow down? I beg you to think of your neighbors, not whether you're late for work or in a hurry to get home. And to ask your guests to do the same.
   Now I don't know who struck Danny. I don't know if the vehicle was speeding. But we were just getting to know one another and now he's gone. I cried when I heard and I hardly knew him. Imagine how his family is feeling. And also imagine, what if it had been a child? It brought home to me how treacherous the road can be.
   Please slow down, for all of us.
   Nancy Rhoads, Woodinville