Northwest NEWS

September 25, 2000


An open letter to Senatorial and Congressional Candidates

Candidates, it's time to cut through the rhetoric and get honest with Washington voters about Social Security (SSI). Nobody wants to admit the truth, but SSI is in desperate trouble. We hear politicians talk about their determination to preserve SSI and protect the trust fund,but those are empty words. It seems that fixing SSI is just too big a task, so now Americans are getting a line from both sides of the aisle that claims that doing nothing will fix the problem.
   It won't! I would like every candidate running for federal office to come clean, or get educated. Explain to the voters of this state how the federal government can invest SSI surpluses in Treasury Bills and expect that money to be there when we need it? Come on Slade, Maria, and all you congressional wannabes. If the government has invested more than $2 trillion with the Treasury and the Treasury has turned around and used that revenue to fund other non-SSI programs, how can anyone say we've "preserved the trust funds"?
   Whether we have $2 trillion in t-bills, or we stack them on the Capital lawn and torch them, it makes no difference. We've squandered every penny of the trust funds and they're empty. And when it comes time to cash in those t-bills, the Treasury is going to have to borrow to repay them?
   We're not preserving SSI funds for the future, and only a plan like George W. Bush's to invest outside the government will save SSI.
   Michael Costello,Redmond