Northwest NEWS

September 25, 2000


Cascade Land Conservany purchase response

Kathy Peterson mentioned in her letter to the editor that the Cascade Land Conservancy is buying land without the taxpayers being asked permission, which decreases our tax base, and causing us all to pay more taxes. Since the population of the earth and the Puget Sound region is increasing, we are all going to pay one way or another.
   In this beautiful state of Washington, we can pay with increased pollution, congestion, travel times, and a decreased quality of life, as more concrete and pavement is used in development. Or we can pay with our pocketbooks but retain forests that create oxygen for us to breathe, wetlands that filter our water, creeks and rivers that recharge our drinking water, and a naturescape that fills our hearts.
   Jack Benny was once asked "Your money or your life?"
   I personally choose life. I am glad that the Cascade Land Conservancy purchased this piece of land critical for the survival of the endangered Chinook salmon and the health of Bear Creek.
   Heather Poe, Woodinville