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September 25, 2000

Local News

George W. Bush visits Monroe

George W. Bush visits MonroeMONROE - Three local families, the Zabels from Monroe, the Johns' from Woodinville, and the Hunnicutts from Snohomish, were able to meet Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush September 13 while he was in Monroe for a press conference.

Around the Clock Construction on the Tolt Pipeline

Around the Clock Construction on the Tolt PipelineStarting September 25, and continuing for up to five days, a contractor for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will drill a tunnel for the Tolt 2, Phase 4 Pipeline underneath the Sammamish River at Riverbend Drive NE in Bothell."

School recipient of Scout project

School recipient of Scout projectStudents entering Ms. Terri Wagner's 5th grade class at Cottage Lake Elementary the first Tuesday of the new school year found themselves looking out onto a scene straight from the African Serengeti, instead of the typical wall of posters and maps.