Northwest NEWS

October 2, 2000


Let's save something for future generations

This is an appeal to all the "Old Timers" - people who have lived here in Woodinville area for many years. We have so few historical structures left standing.
   Now it is our duty to save the Woodinville Elementary School as a community center. That school once looked very much like the Hollywood School, then all but the back wall was replaced with what we see today.
   We have lost so many of our historical structures, such as the Woodin house, "Elmer's" house, Saginaw Mill, DeYoung's Mill, the Little White Church, the old hotel, the Sanderlin Rodeo Grounds, the blacksmith shop.
   Now our main street looks like any other street in a town. Some cities have saved their school houses, and there's no reason why we can't.
   I know progress will continue and buildings will be designed for the new millennium, but at least this building should and must be saved, and we need to let the city know how important this is to us. There can be many uses made of the school, with public accessibility, a museum, information desk, overflow offices from city hall, etc.
   We should rally and do what we can to convince the city that we must save this old school house. So many "kids" went to school there and tread those stairs so many times.
   There are so many memories, and if it's gone, future generations won't know that once a red brick school house stood there, unless they see a picture of it somewhere.
   I didn't attend Woodinville School myself, but I have lived here since 1923, and I have been in there many times for meetings, special things like volunteering at the information desk for drop- ins, and climbed those stairs to the second floor too, and wondered how many feet had climbed those stairs.
   It is a really important landmark too, so let's save something for the future generations who come here to live.
   Helen McMahon, Hollywood Hill