Northwest NEWS

October 2, 2000


What will Novelty Hill Road be like after more building?

It troubles me to read the latest Seattle Times article about the planning going into 116th in the City of Redmond. Kurt Seeman, city transportation engineer, states that "Poor planning leads to misplaced utility connections, bad management of storm-water runoff and inefficient traffic flow."
   Did the city planners have any input in the construction of Novelty Hill Road? This road has been torn up for over a year causing commuter delays on a daily basis.
   In addition, the Redmond Ridge Project will dump thousands of cars on Novelty Hill Road every day. A road that is only two lanes wide will support the traffic from the Redmond Ridge Project, the cities of Duvall, Carnation and Monroe.
   Where was planning when this road was improved? Where were the transportation engineers then? Even now before any homes are occupied, Novelty Hill Road is at near capacity during the morning and evening rush hour commutes. What will it be like after 5000 homes, a school, a retail center and business park are built?
   Joe Leonti, via e-mail