Northwest NEWS

October 2, 2000


Legendary mime Marcel Marceau brings his magic to the Moore

* Marcel Marceau, universally acclaimed as the world's greatest mime, comes to The Moore Theatre October 10-15.
   The celebrated artist, now in his 77th year, recently completed a highly successful appearance in New York and San Francisco where he drew unanimous praise and attention from the critics and sold-out audiences.
   Marceau, born in France, began his interest in mime at an early age. He would imitate anything that inspired his imagination.
   He discovered silent screen artists Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and his respect and admiration for these great actors encouraged him to pursue mime as a profession.
   Marceau is renowned for his satires on everything from sculptors to matadors and his silent sketches, which include classic works as "The Mask Maker," "In the Park," "The Cage" and "Walking Against the Wind," have been described as theatrical magic.
   He tells stories, brings to life unforgettable characters and creates beauty with every gesture and facial expression made.
   His art is poetry in fluid motion and continues to exhilarate audiences everywhere.
   Marceau is the master of mime, familiar to millions of Americans through his many stage and television appearances.
   In addition, publications of his paintings, poetry and illustrations are well known to children around the country. For ticket information call 206-292-ARTS.