Northwest NEWS

October 2, 2000


Bothell receives international recognition

BOTHELL - The City of Bothell has received an Investment Policy Certification Award from the Municipal Treasurers' Association in Washington, D.C. It is an international award that recognizes the City's practices and policies on its public investments and is provided to those communities that meet strict guidelines from around the country. The City of Bothell is the only Washington state city of receive this mark of distinction.
   "It is an honor for the City to receive this award," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "It is another outstanding example of our high level of service commitment that we have for our citizens."
   The Municipal Treasurers' Association's criteria measures and ensures that the City protects public investment, the types of investments that the City utilizes and how the City monitors those investments. The Association reviews the City's investment policy to determine if it meets all criteria for sound investing of the public's funds.
   Last year, Bothell City Council adopted a substantial investment policy that adheres strictly to the criteria of this award.
   The City makes certain that its investment policy meets and/or exceeds all current investment practices to produce a low-risk investment gain on public funds.