Northwest NEWS

October 2, 2000


'Weir' haunts with ghostly Irish lore

by Deborah Stone
   "The Weir," Conor McPherson's much-lauded Olivier Award-winning play, is currently on stage at Intiman Theatre.
   Set in a cozy bar in a remote part of Ireland, "The Weir" focuses on a group of local drinking buddies who tell ghostly tales of the supernatural to impress a visiting young woman.
   Confirmed crusty old bachelor Jack (James Greene), successful hotel owner Finbar, (Kurt Beattie), sweet and unassuming Jim (Todd Jefferson Moore) and congenial bartender Brendan (Daniel Tierney) gather one stormy night to banter and joke in the company of newcomer Valerie (Delia MacDougall).
   As the evening wears on, each shares a spooky story that raises questions of metaphysical mystery.
   Toward the end, Valerie turns the tables on the men with her own tale of haunting tragedy. Through these chillers, the characters reveal painful truths about themselves and show the loneliness that envelops them.
   "The Weir" delves deep into issues of failure, loss, macho competition and identity crisis in rural communities, while showing the games people play to protect themselves from the pain they experience in life.
   This play is a study of five personalities, each slowly uncovered through the course of one evening filled with Irish lore, pints of Guinness and personal confidences.
   The ensemble of talented actors, directed by Robin Lynn Smith, sinks their teeth into their roles and portrays their characters with great sensitivity, warmth and comedic style.
   Audiences will be greatly rewarded with the depth of performances in this show, while being transfixed through a series of spellbinding monologues.
   "The Weir" runs through October 14th.
   For ticket information call 206-269-1900.