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October 2, 2000

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Woodinville business owner wins bodybuilding title

* by Becky Nixon
   Staff Reporter
   During the recent Olympics Games in Sidney, Australia, the removal of athletes and medals due to illegal drug use seemed on the rise.
   Enter into a discussion of this topic with Woodinville General Nutrition Center owner Ken Cole, who recently won the Evergreen State Championships Bodybuilding Masters men over 40, and the Masters Overall Competition on Sept.16, and you are likely to get an earful.
   "The Olympic Committee gets it right," Cole said. "They strenuously test for anabolic steroids and the new 90's growth hormones that give these illegal-drug-using athletes an edge over their competitors. It's cheating. It's like comparing a V6 with a V8 engine."
   Cole has been training for 27 years as a lifetime, drug free bodybuilder.
   "Steroids are illegal and just as dangerous as cocaine or any other drug. Professional and college athletic leagues are seeing the negative effects of these drugs," said Cole.
   At eighteen, Cole was Mr. Teen America; at 19 he took third for Mr. America, and at 24 he was Mr. Las Vegas, and then he took a 14-year hiatus.
   "I went as far as I could go while being natural," said Cole.
   Cole works out two times a day, four days a week at Woodinville Athletic Club. When training for a contest, Cole eats six meals a day. Here is a sample of Cole's daily meals:
   Breakfast: 12 egg whites scrambled, an apple, 52 oz. of water and 1/2 cup of oatmeal.
   Mid morning snack: protein drink mixed with water.
   Lunch: 12 oz.skinless chicken breast broiled or baked, large salad with vinegar dressing, an apple, 1/2 lb. sweet potato, and 32 oz. of water.
   Afternoon snack: protein drink.
   Dinner: 12 oz. lean beef, a large serving of broccoli or asparagus, large salad, 1/2 c. rice, and 26 oz. of water.
   Evening snack: a lighter protein drink if weight permits.
   Longtime trainer and friend Blair McHaney, owner of Gold's Gym in Wenatchee, joins Cole in educating local kids in bodybuilding.
   Together they have toured schools and enjoy working with kids regarding healthy supplements and workouts. Cole supports local sports organizations and offers advice to kids that come into his GNC store.
   Woodinville High School graduate Jeff Hanssen, an employee of Cole's, trained with him and won the Junior Men Division 20 years and younger at Evergreen.
   Cole's wife and GNC co-owner Shannon, works out at the Woodinville Athletic Club and American Martial Arts in kickboxing.
   "She helps me a lot and cooks all my meals during training, except breakfast," said Cole with a smile.
   Ken Cole's next contest is October 7 in Everett. The Washington Ironman 2000 is "natural" and steroid tested.