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October 2, 2000

Local News

Kenmore City Council holds public hearing on SR522 TIP

by John Phelps
   Special to the Weekly
   A large crowd attended the public hearing on changes to Bothell Way from NE 58th to 73rd Monday, Sept. 25. Steve Lewis of Bucher, Willis & Ratliff, Kenmore's engineering firm, presented their recommendations on improvements for SR 522.
   From 58th NE to 62nd NE , SR522 would be widened 16 feet on the north side. Left turns eastbound to 60th would be eliminated as would left turn access to businesses between 61st and 200 feet east of 62nd. Traffic between Bothell Way and 175th on 61st NE would be limited to southbound traffic only.
   This will leave access to Log Boom park and reduce accidents at 61st and Bothell Way. Thirty-five percent of the traffic on this part of 61st currently travels northbound and are involved in 90 percent of the accidents at this intersection.
   From 65th NE to 73rd NE, SR522 would be widened on the south side with an additional left turn lane added at 68th westbound.
   More than 300 accidents have happened on this section of 522 since 1995. Left turns to businesses would be eliminated.
   73rd NE at SR522 would be widened to one left, one through and one right turn lane southbound and northbound.
   At 73rd a 100-foot underpass will take the Burke Gilman under the four lanes of traffic to improve traffic flow and eliminate bicycle and pedestrian accidents on the trail.
   Twelve people testified at the hearing. Mark Wolf of U-Save Oil Company was concerned about losing left turn access to the Chevron Station at 61st.
   He asked the Council to allow left turns during non-peak hours.
   Jack Weldon who lives in the Harbor Village Condominiums objected to losing access to 522 from 175th northbound.
   The Homeowners Association of the Marina Cove Condominium presented a petition signed by their residents endorsing a plan to close 61st NE southbound from Bothell Way to 175th.
   Following the public hearing at the Kenmore City Council meeting, the council voted to reroute the intersection of 181st and 68th NE on the south side. This means that the new road will go through the current AA Rentals building. Mikey's Restaurant would not be affected by the change.