Northwest NEWS

October 9, 2000


Oct. 15 and the reopening of the Novelty Bridge can't come soon enough

Boy am I glad to have a chance to vent about this topic.
   Lisa Allen's (love Lisa; she's the best) article about the Novelty Bridge (it's the congestion I hate) to open in 2 weeks.
   Yahoo. I think Duvall and its extended communities will be thrilled to have relief. The article states that "congestion was not as bad as many residents had feared, due to extra planning efforts by traffic engineers."
   I wonder if those engineers actually sat in the traffic from 6-8 a.m. every morning or from 5-8 p.m. every evening for those returning at night or had to listen to Metro bus drivers apologize for the everyday delays of buses arriving to Seattle locations for commuters traveling on the 311.
   I can't actually imagine that it could have been worse. But anything is possible. It's been a nightmare requiring at least 15-20 and more additional minutes in the daily commute one way just to get from Main Street in Duvall to the light on the other side of the valley on the West Snoqualmie Valley Road.
   In the time it used to take me to get door to door from Duvall to Seattle I now make it to Woodinville.
   The timing on the green turn arrow light at the West Snoqualmie Valley Road for those needing to turn left from Duvall for Novelty Hill Road is completely inadequate, as in too short. There is no passing on the right lane for folks needing to head towards Woodinville. This is what makes traffic crawl across the valley.
   The re-direction of traffic from Virginia south on side streets (1st Street) for access to Main Street going north defies logic the backup daily to Stephens on Main is criminal.
   The people kind enough to allow the side streets to merge in are saints; those who don't are entitled to their fury. The policeman who prides himself on catching truck drivers driving up the right to get through the light at Virginia and Main desperate to make it through the light as they try to get to Monroe, should maybe lend a hand and help direct traffic through the light instead.
   The arrow for folks coming from Monroe turning right on Woodinville-Duvall defies logic as well.
   Those folks can turn any time; it's a right turn for them. It's the folks trying to turn left to get across the valley that need the help.
   So what happens after the bridge reopens - does any of this change? Can people go down Virginia and across the bridge? What happens next? AHHHH!
   It was hell; I'm at the end of my rope. The 15th will come none too soon.
   Cynthia Bishop, Duvall