Northwest NEWS

October 9, 2000


Voting yes is like shooting yourself in the boots

How ridiculous I-745 is! Stripping funding from all transportation choices, other than driving your car, and then giving that money to road builders will not be a one-time deal.
   Every future attempt to remedy the situation will be thwarted.
   Say that a municipality wants to save its crippled transit system by providing funding that was lost to roads. Because of the 90 percent-10 percent split built into I-745, the municipality would need to come up with nine times that funding to give to road building. This is nuts!
   Voting yes on I-745 is not just shooting yourself in the foot, it's pulling that trigger again and again and again. Washington, save your boots and your future pairs of boots. Vote no on I-745.
   Darryl Estes, West Seattle