Northwest NEWS

October 9, 2000


Welcome Back Barbecue and Raffle a huge success

Stillwater Elementary's Back to School BBQ was a blast! Guests filled their bellies with BBQ fixin's supplied by the Riverview School District Food Service (their profit) and enjoyed the antics of Hargrave and Roberts magicians, Josh and Jacob.
   The highlight of their show was when they sawed our brave principal, Judi Buckmaster, in half! (Now she can really be in two places at once). And if that wasn't enough fun ... the Basket Raffle topped off the evening.
   The 'Basket Raffle' is a fabulous opportunity for Stillwater Elementary to support our communities and to show thanks for the support they give us!
   Businesses, friends and family are invited to donate gift certificates, gift items or a basket filled with goodies.
   In return, we offer advertising for the business of their choice in our Stillwater Student Phone Directory. We want our local businesses in Duvall and Carnation to know that it doesn't go unseen that they are constantly asked to help out here and there, all year long from many organizations.
   So a huge thanks to all the businesses and volunteers that helped make this year's BBQ & Basket Raffle such a success.
   I look forward to next year's Welcome Back BBQ Raffle. More fun will be had!
   Teel Varland, Duvall