Northwest NEWS

October 9, 2000



Sept. 26: A high school student was arrested for disorderly conduct at school after an assembly. The student repeatedly swore at police and school officials and was using obscene gestures during school hours.
   Sept. 29: Unknown suspects threw a pumpkin through the window of a closed Woodinville business. No property was reported missing from the store.
   Oct. 3: Someone pried open a window, taking $50 and three rolls of pennies from a Woodinville espresso stand. Prints were lifted and entered into evidence.
   Oct. 3: A male was booked for driving with a suspended license, unpaid parking tickets, and numerous failures to appear. His vehicle was also uninsured.
   Sept. 27: A couple of Woodinville apartment residents reported their motorcycle stolen on Sept. 29. They had waited two days to report the theft. In that time they conspired together and got insurance on the motorcycle. Police recognized discrepancies in their stories, and the two confessed.