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October 9, 2000

Local News

Water District offers $150 rebate on WashWise washers

   For the month of October, participating utilities, including Woodinville Water District, are offering a $150 rebate on high efficiency "WashWise" qualified residential washing machines. High efficiency washing machines save money for customers by using signifcantly less water and energy than normal washers. This offer is the first in a series of promotions as part of the region's new 1% Water Conservation program.
   The 1 percent Water Conservation program is an ambitious new partnership of regional water providers. If everyone can reduce their water use by just 1 percent each year for the next ten years, we will be able to keep water consumption at today's levels, saving more than 18 million gallons per day of fresh water.
   This is good news for people and fish. Holding demand constant keeps the cost of future water service lower, and leaves more water in rivers and lakes for aquatic life.
   Qualified WashWise washers use about 40 percent less energy and water than conventional washer models, while getting clothes cleaner. Local appliance retailers have a wide selection of resource- efficient models from a number of manufacturers. For a list of qualified machines, see your retailer, call (206) 684-SAVE, or check
   For more information about this rebate program, contact Deborah Rannfeldt at (425) 483-9104, extension 302.