Northwest NEWS

October 9, 2000

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Connie Zimmerman, Duvall's Public Works Capital Project Manager, is coordinating with the mayor and City Council and the work of the architects and engineers, funding, permits, volunteer efforts and contract work.
   The city envisions creating an advisory board of people willing to commit time to sort out these issues. Once there is consensus on what the appropriate uses can be, work can proceed on two other fronts‹determining sources for funding and accomplishing the work, and determining options for organizing and administering the center.
   Those wishing to see the drawings that were done for the evaluation and potential conceptual design of the building, and a copy of the architectural evaluation of the building, may view them at City Hall, 15535 Main St.
   Questions can be directed to Matt McCarter at 206-205-6443 or Connie Zimmerman at 425-788-3434, ext. 32 or email at