Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000


No signs to warn drivers

I would like to call to the attention of whomever is in a position to prevent what can only be described as a tragedy waiting to happen.
   Right there by 60 acres soccer fields the Sammamish River Park Trail crosses up and over NE 116th St. Hikers, cyclists, skaters, runners, moms pushing strollers, all must cross what has become a very busy stretch across the Sammamish Valley, and there is no sign, no light, no nothing to warn drivers of this crossing.
   There are several useless signs in the vicinity and some even lying over and pushed into the bushes, but no warning whatever to motorists that there is a crossing which is heavily trafficked.
   I drive this way across the valley several times each week and need to slow or stop for cyclists, walkers, etc. about every other trip. It is impossible to anticipate speeding bikes because of the limited visibility, and unless some sort of signs are posted an accident there is only a matter of time. Let's fix this before it is too late.
   Peter Storaasli, Woodinville