Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000


Prevention message for CHS Homecoming

CHS Homecoming is coming up soon. Oct. 20 is the football game and the Dance is being held at Seattle Science Center on Saturday, Oct. 21.
   It is our wish that this be a safe weekend for all involved - students, and parents. Parents in particular need to be aware of their responsibility for adolescent children to engage in safe behaviors during times of celebration. Using drugs and alcohol contribute to unsafe actions and dangerous consequences. Both legal and health consequences can have long-term consequences to parents.
   Recently, at an assembly at CHS, the speaker cited the experience of a fifteen-year-old girl who, as he described her, "thought she could handle anything that could happen to her" and was persuaded to drink alcohol at a party. Naively, she had several drinks and was overwhelmed by the alcohol.
   This led to her being raped, not once but multiple times, and delivered back to her home and left on the front lawn. Worried participants in the event phoned her parents who then found her and took her indoors.
   This could never happen here? Well. This and events like it happen everyday, all over the U.S. Add to this the liability that parents have for their own children and their children's friends.
   Recently, a parent did what they thought was the right thing, hosting a teenage party with no alcohol. A student came to the house after drinking at another party. The student left, and had an accident with the family car, totaling it. The parents of that student successfully sued the parents of the no-alcohol party for the full value of the car.
   Unfair you say? Yes, in many ways it is. However, parents are responsible for the actions of their children. The PTSA and school counselors want to remind you to know your student's plans, and feel confident to call police if you know of parties that will include alcohol or other illegal substances.
   "Saving lives is everybody's business," quotes the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) organization in their October newsletter. This is a message and action we all can support.
   CHS PTSA Board of Directors