Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000


Your yes vote is the best way to show support for our kids

I am inspired to write this letter so that I may motivate you and others to do something really extraordinary for our kids. I propose we come together to endorse, support and vote to provide an athletic facility for the students in the Riverview School District this fall. What better way to show our support for kids involved in safe, supervised and healthy activities like football, soccer, band, drill team, cross-country, cheerleading and track.
   This current scaled down athletics facilities bond ($2,995 mil vs. $6.5 mil) will provide the district with an all-season field and track, bleachers for the fans and accompanying restrooms/concessions.
   This facility will allow our students access to local practice fields, an opportunity to proudly host home games, safe fields that can be consistently played on and an expansion of the PE curriculum at Cedarcrest.
   With a local facility there would be no more traveling to other schools for "home games" and practices. Less travel time for our students equates to more time for studies, not to mention reduced risk of car accidents while traveling long distances at night.
   Passage of this bond requires us to think long term about what we need to make our community strong and proud. This vote affects children of all ages. Please vote yes on Nov. 7 on this important step towards the future.
   Maria Mahowald, Stillwater PTSA President