Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000


Roundabout tour will benefit music program

DUVALL - The success of a group of young, local musicians can be traced back to their desire to have a place to play their music and at the same time raise funds for high schools' music programs.
   "Roundabout" began when four talented Cedarcrest High School students got together and discovered they had the makings of a real rock band. Over a year later, they are just beginning a benefit tour "Route 2-5," named after their popular rock CD. The group is scheduled to headline a benefit concert at Cedarcrest High School on Saturday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. The concert will benefit the school's R.H.Y.T.H.M. (Riverview Helping Youth to Have Music) program.
   Roundabout played in last year's Cedarcrest Battle of the Bands, the Seven Arts Festival and the Carnation Fourth of July Celebration.
   Musicians include Mike Rapson, lead guitarist, Devin Bazemore, bass player, Tim Borquez, rhythm guitar and Brandon Bazemore, Devin's older brother, drummer.
   Tim Borquez, currently a UW student, began playing the clarinet in the school band when he was in fourth grade, but after three years of playing he decided to take up the guitar. After only one year of playing, Tim started to write and sing his own songs, and began "jamming" with fellow bandmate Brandon Bazemore.
   Mike Rapson grew up in California, moving to Washington at a time when alternative music was just getting popular. Mike, now an Evergreen College student, has been playing the guitar for seven years and writing for three years. He played in a band with Devin until they found rhythm guitarist Tim and drummer Brandon. He attributes his desire for music to his dad, who played semi-professionally until his 20s and non-professionally until a few years ago.
   Brandon Bazemore, also a UW student, has been playing drums for three years, since the beginning of his junior year at Cedarcrest. He admits that he started playing because the jazz band didn't have a drummer, but he loved it from the start.
   Devin Bazemore is 17 and a senior at Cedarcrest. He has been involved in music since the 7th grade, and is now the choir vice president. He has been in many select singing groups such as Jazz Choir, a men's a cappella quintet, Honors Choir, Honors Men's Choir and All-State Choir.
   For Roundabout he plays bass and does some lead and backup vocals.
   Don Bazemore, father of Brandon and Devin, is manager and president of Roundabout Productions, Inc.
   "Our focus is to promote teenage bands, give them a place to play and at the same time provide some money for schools that they can put back into their music programs," he said. "Traditionally schools' music budget is woeful. We split the proceeds and everybody wins."
   Bazemore said the school gets a percentage of the receipts, and the remainder of the proceeds go toward the bands' costs for equipment and travel.
   He added that Tim, Devin and Mike are taking lessons from David Kyle, a voice teacher who has instructed Ann Wilson of Heart and Geoff Tate of Queensryche.
   As part of their "Route 2-5" benefit tour, Roundabout is packaged with two other bands, "The Burbanks" and "Misled Youth."
   The groups will also play at Ground Zero, a teenage club on Oct. 21 at 8 p.m.
   Admission to the Cedarcrest concert is $8.
   Tickets are available at Cedarcrest High School through Devin Bazemore and at PK Variety Store in downtown Carnation near QFC.