Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000


Police Beat

Sept. 23: Numerous juveniles ran from the scene of an underage party when police arrived. The parents of the host were out of town.
   One male was arrested for a minor in possession and/or consumption; cars were impounded and towed. All alcohol was disposed of per police department policy.
   Sept. 30: A continuing pattern of stalking was investigated by Woodinville police. A former male employee of a local business has been harassing employees, a female in particular, and was told not to come back to the premises by the manager.
   He began calling the female at home. Police are investigating.
   Oct. 3: When police pulled over a truck with a utility trailer for a broken light, a female passenger was arrested for a controlled substance violation. Methamphetamine was found along with a glass pipe, and a pipe containing residue. The male driver was arrested for unpaid parking tickets/failure to appear, and driving with a suspended license.
   Oct. 6: A juvenile was again asked to leave school premises after harassing a former girlfriend.
   Oct. 8: Unknown suspects tried to break into the front door of a residence in the 203rd and 170th area of Woodinville. Things were moved in the garage area, but nothing was seen to be missing. Police lifted several prints from items.