Northwest NEWS

October 16, 2000

Front Page

New traffic signal to be installed

In September, the Woodinville City Council authorized the City to award a $176,200 contract to Potelco, Inc. for road and landscape improvements to the intersection of Woodinville-Snohomish Road and 200th Street NE. The work, scheduled to begin Oct. 16, will include the installation of a span-wire traffic signal, road widening for a new left turn lane, and landscape improvements and street lighting.
   According to Brian Nielsen, Project Engineer for the City's Public Works Department, "The purpose of this project is to improve access to and from Woodinville-Snohomish Road and NE 200th Street." The project also includes a paved access and signal control for the business Prime Power. The new traffic signal features railroad pre-emption which means the signal will turn red at the approach of a train.
   The is project was identified in the City's 2000-2005 Capital Improvement Plan (C.I.P.) - an annual program that identifies various capital improvement projects and funding sources that help guide the city's future. It is funded in part through a contribution from Prime Power and fees paid by new development to mitigate impacts to the City's roadways. These fees are required by the City's Growth Management regulations. The project is expected to be completed in March 2001.
   Periodic delays are expected from mid-October through November. Use of alternate routes is advised. For more information regarding the project, please contact Brian Nielson at (425) 489-2700 ext 294 or email