Northwest NEWS

October 23, 2000



Oct. 12: A pushing/shoving argument involving two youth ensued after a trash talking incident on a bus ride home from school. One student, after being shoved, hit another with his musical instrument case. A tussle occurred, but no injuries were reported. The police discussed dispute resolution techniques.
   Oct.11: Burglary was the apparent motive in a Woodinville apartment complex break-in involving the loss of CDs, a CD player, a scanner, lap top computer and a day planner that contained the male victim's social security card and passport. All doors and windows were locked and showed no signs of entry.
   Oct. 14: A westside door of a local business was pried open giving thieves access to business tools, toolboxes, generators and fluke meters. The business was ransacked and trash strewn about. Also reported missing was a large, yellow truck. An employee was asleep on the premises when the burglary occurred.
   Oct. 15: Not signaling and expired tabs got a male suspect arrested on a controlled substance violation. Police found marijuana, a smoking pipe and methamphetamine. The suspect was driving with a suspended license, and he had no vehicle insurance. He was also cited for an open container of alcohol. The vehicle was impounded and the suspect booked into King County Jail.
   Oct. 16: A male waiting for the suspect to return home in the previously mentioned controlled substance violation was found to have a pipe containing residue in his van. He began acting nervous when questioned and gave police permission to search the van. He had been sleeping in the back of his van in the apartment parking area where he was not a resident.
   Oct. 16: When an apartment resident went to his car in the morning, it was missing. Police are investigating the case. The car had been left unlocked with the spare key in the glove box.