Northwest NEWS

October 23, 2000


King County Computer Recovery project diverts 30 tons of waste from landfills

Since the launch of King County Solid Waste Division's Computer Recover Project in July 2000, over 2,000 old or broken computer monitors and thousands of other computer components have been collected for reuse and recycling. More than 30 tons of computer monitors will be recycled through the pilot program rather than disposed of in county landfills.
   King County's Solid Waste Division helped coordinate an extensive network of government agencies, non-profit organizations, computer recycling companies and computer retailers, to offer King County residents and small businesses alternatives to disposing of used, obsolete or broken computer equipment. The results of the Computer Recovery Project's pilot phase will be evaluated and adjustments will be made for the best long-term outcome.
   The Computer Recovery Project provides resources for upgrading, donating and recycling old computer equipment. Brochures that list the locations accepting used equipment are available by calling the Solid Waste Division at 206-296-8800 or by visiting the web site at
   Coupons good for the free recycling of a broken or outdated computer monitor are still available. The coupon covers the cost of recycling a computer monitor, which is typically about $10. Coupons are limited to one per customer and expire on October 31. Fees for recycling other equipment vary depending upon the type and age of the equipment. New, working equipment may be accepted free of charge or may net a few dollars.