Northwest NEWS

October 23, 2000


Help and support have made move to Washington easier

In the period that I have been living in Washington, there has been a lot of pressure put into me because of the fact that I am of another race. But I may admit that, by some of my very loved friends, I have been very welcomed. I came from Mexico in the last three months of 1998. I didn't speak English at all when I first came to live here. I have to admit that it was hard for me to move, knowing that the only person that I was going to have was my mom. My mom got married to an American guy and that's the reason we moved here. The first day of school. . .Wow. I did not understand a single word, but let me tell you it was kind of nice to just sit around without doing anything for the first month. The greatest thing Iwas that I was only going to have four classes, when in Mexico I had twelve per semester. Finally when my first three months were passed, it was time for me to go to the big one "High School."
   I was catching some of the words by that time and the summer was a perfect temperature. At least I could go out at 3 p.m. when in Mexico, you would burn if you did go outside. School was fun for me. I started speaking pretty good English after being here a year; at least people could understand what I was saying.
   Now after two years and seven months of being here I speak pretty fluently and as people say. . . without an accent, which gives me a big smile. The teachers at my school were and are very comforting.
   I will always thank them for the big help they have been giving me, and, let me tell you, they don't stop helping me.
   The people at my school as classmates, well, there are some people that are racist, but on the other hand, some people love me for who I am on the inside and not for my color or race or culture, but just for who I am.
   I love my country; I think that Mexico is one of the warmest places in the world, but not for the temperature, but because of the kind people. I miss my home, and I miss my family and the smell of the air in Mexico.
   It is hard for me to get used to Washington, because of the fact that I lived there for almost my whole life, 14 years do not compare to two years and seven months, but one thing I tell you, thanks for being so nice and for making it easy to live here. Thanks to all the teachers, students, children, counselors, coaches and all the people that are so nice to me.
   I wrote this letter to let you know how I appreciate and will always appreciate your help and support that have been keeping me loving Washington.
   Dianna Lizette Salido, Duvall