Northwest NEWS

October 23, 2000


Current field is overused and smelly

Our community and Cedarcrest High School need a new track and sports field. Our current field is at Tolt Middle School, which is a fifteen-minute drive away. That doesn't seem very long but you have to go down Highway 203 that is very dangerous, especially with so many young drivers. The round trip deprives our athletes of at least thirty minutes of practice time. The field we play football and soccer on has been overused for many years. During the rainy season it smells like sewage. Last year the field was closed because it was unhealthy and not fit to play on.
   The field requires an overabundance of maintenance from overuse. A new field would eliminate all of these problems. It would get rid of commuting problems for kids, reduce maintenance costs, increase practice opportunities for both high school and middle school.
   The new turf would be better because it doesn't make ruts, which cause injuries. On Nov. 7 think of the students at Cedarcrest that need a new field so they can become better athletes. Please vote yes.
   Sean Ansell (freshman at Cedarcrest)