Northwest NEWS

October 23, 2000


Using other fields is just not the same

I have just recently changed schools and am now a freshman at Cedarcrest High School. It is a completely new experience for me and I look forward to making my years at Cedarcrest my best years yet. This would be, of course, attending home games of various sports to show my spirit and root for the home team. Although I normally enjoy these games, I was disappointed to discover that Cedarcrest is without a field.
   Games such as football, soccer, baseball, track, and field must be played at Tolt Middle School. I am part of a high school, but one with no fields. My dream of high school has always included sweaty men in jerseys running circles while young women in sweatshirts and short skirts practice routines to the marching band playing songs that they are sure will pep up the crowd during Friday's home game.
   Visions of that Friday when the afternoon sun rays are shining through the trees, casting enough light to see the fifty-yard line, the cheerleaders jumping up and down, and the score board as it marks another six points for the home team.
   The band strikes up with the award winning song that sends the crowd into a frenzy of shouting, clapping, and cheering. A place where family and friends gather together to award a victory or clap to good effort. It is so engrained in our picture of high school that one without a field is almost un-American.
   Although we can use other fields, it is not the same. A field would not only benefit Cedarcrest, but it would also benefit the community.
   So, I simply ask for your help. It's going to take everyone to accomplish this large task; we can make the dream possible.
   Lindsey Pollard, Cedarcrest High School student
   We are representing Cedarcrest High School as students and athletes. We are writing this to give you a few reasons why getting a new athletic facility is so important to us. As you may know, the Tolt Field, where we play our home football and soccer games, is completely inadequate in not only the quality of the field but the location as well. We have had many injuries on Tolt Field in direct result of its unsafe nature.
   Having Tolt as our High School field is absurd. One reason is because the bleachers are not competent enough to hold the amount of High School fans, parents, or community members that attend the games. Another reason is the announcing system. At our last football games it did not even work. "This school district has without a doubt the worst facility I have ever seen at any High School. Granite Falls and Sultan have even better facilities," as said by a teacher and coach at Cedarcrest High School.
   The lack of a sports facility not only affects field teams, but also the track and cross-country teams. The track team at Cedarcrest uses the community around the school as their track. The hard asphalt roads are terrible on the runner's legs and the result for many is painful shin splints. Not having our own facilities prevents the track team from practicing specific events such as hurdles and pole vaulting. Not only do the athletes have to beg other schools for use of their track for practices, but also for home meets.
   The commute for many athletes is a burden. One major dilemma for many high school athletes is that most do not have a drivers license. This creates a problem when practices are held at other schools. The confusion and extra driving time makes the transportation much more difficult.
   The athletic bond will be voted on November 7th. We encourage all of you to vote yes for this issue for it effects many people.
   Greta Smoke and Brianna Card, students at Cedarcrest High School