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October 23, 2000

Local News

Bothell honored for Commute Trip Reduction

The City of Bothell just received an Honorable Mention from the Association of Commute Transportation (ACT) for its Carpool & Vanpool Services program.
   The City's program was named a finalist in the category of Outstanding Service and the ACT 2000 award was announced at ACT's international conference in Orlando, Florida, recently. The City of Bothell was nominated by the City of Redmond, an ACT member.
   "Bothell's Carpool & Vanpool Services program is a relatively new one for the City and doing very well. The program has created 16 new vanpools and requests for rideshare information have grown 500 percent since the service began 18 months ago," said Assistant City Manager Manny Ocampo. "Thanks to this program, the City's traffic impacts have certainly improved."
   Additional honors were given to the City of Bothell's Transportation Consultant Judy Niver. Niver was the recipient of the Individual Recognition Award and the 2000 Wall of Fame honor given by the Washington State Ridesharing Organization. Niver has worked with the City since 1993 to increase the positive impacts of local transportation. She has worked diligently over the past 25 years to encourage and promote the use of commute alternatives in the state of Washington. Niver is a consultant to the Bothell Transportation Partnership, a collaboration of Bothell corporations seeking transportation-related solutions. Niver pushed for establishing the successful Carpool & Vanpool Services program as well as securing transit improvements for Bothell business parks.
   For more information about the City of Bothell's Carpool & Vanpool Services program, please call program manager Gayle Delanty at (425) 489-3394.