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October 23, 2000

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Proposition 1 would build new fire stations


by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - Where do you go for emergency services if the main fire station collapses during an earthquake? What if firefighters and their rigs were trapped inside the station?
   The scenario could happen, fire officials warn. After the downtown station failed a 1998 seismic evaluation, Duvall/King County Fire District 45 officials concluded that, even if the 40-year-old station wasn't actually in ruins following a major quake, it could become unusable due to structural damage.
   On Nov. 7, residents will decide whether to vote for Proposition 1, which would build a new downtown station and replace two outlying stations with one that would be more centrally located.
   The proposition would increase the annual property tax by only $14 for a $200,000 home because the proposed $4.2 million bond replaces one that is retiring, said Duvall Fire Chief John Lambert.
   Lambert said a new downtown station would cost about $2.4-2.5 million to build and about $1.7 million for the satellite station which would be located somewhere between Lake Marcel and Lake Margaret, probably on Kelly Road in the vicinity of NE 145th.
   He said the district hopes to increase the number of volunteers and career staff over the next three to four years. The outlying station would be staffed 24 hours which would offer improved response time by six minutes or more to the eastern half of the district, he added.
   The district serves about 14,000 people and responds to about 800 calls a year. It is tax-supported and charges no fees for services.