Northwest NEWS

October 30, 2000


Traps cause unimaginable suffering

I am writing to thank you for Lisa Allen's Guest Editorial regarding I-713 in the Oct. 16 Woodinville Weekly. I couldn't agree more with Ms. Allen's views. People need to learn to co-exist with wildlife as well as with each other. Coyotes are often persecuted for crimes they have not committed.
   Steel jaw traps are cruel devices that have been banned in numerous foreign countries. I forget the exact number, but I believe it is over 80 countries, as well as four states within our own country. These traps cause unimaginable suffering to their victims. Animals are exposed to the elements and predators, as well as not having access to food or water, for sometimes days before the trapper returns to strangle or bludgeon his victim to death.
   We are long overdue in banning these torturous devices. Please join me in voting YES on I-713.
   Karen Baker, Redmond