Northwest NEWS

October 30, 2000


Skate park would benefit all

I believe that Duvall or Carnation deserves a skate park. So many other towns have skate parks even though they are smaller in size and population. I recently visited a very small town that has a skate park. All of the materials were provided by local businesses. Skaters and any other volunteers willing to put in time and effort to help their town provided the labor.
   Everyone in the town seems to be very happy with the results. The skaters have somewhere safe to go and have fun, and local business owners don't have to worry about trespassers or vandalism.
   Presently, Carnation has practically banned skateboarding. If you are caught skateboarding in town, your skateboard will be confiscated. Many young people are getting in trouble with the law for such a petty crime. In my opinion it shouldn't even be a crime.
   There is a huge population of skaters in Carnation and Duvall who all have to drive or get a ride to cities that have skate parks like North Bend, Redmond or Bellevue.
   I believe that having a skate park in one of the two towns would keep kids out of trouble and make our valley more recognized. It also may help out the local businesses by making more people come to local stores. I know that a lot of people have never even heard of Duvall and Carnation. We would definitely get more visitors from our neighboring cities which in return would boost our economy.
   Jeff James, Cedarcrest freshman