Northwest NEWS

October 30, 2000


Voter wants to dig heels into the smelly turf of Miller Field

Ah, and now we shall be hammered again by tides of conformity as the Riverview School District tries yet another bond measure for the proposed track and field.
   Though it is not the incessant requests to raise my taxes that makes me want to vote no repeatedly until they get the point, but rather the disdainful attitude in which supporters go about it that makes me dig my heels into the smelly turf of Miller Field to fend off their advances for modernization.
   Perhaps the students of Cedarcrest High School would be enlightened by an in-depth, historical study of the past they so haughtily tread upon and learn about the area in which they now play.
   It didn't just appear in 1993 for the sole purpose of providing them with the American Graffiti high school experience so longed for by last week's writer. And that smelly field that offends the delicate sensibilities of another writer is a monument of community memory and hard work and fabulous football games built and played upon by rugged individuals.
   If they took the time to look up some of the history they would find that Tolt Middle School was once Tolt High School - a 75-year-old high school rich in tradition and community support, home of the proud Demons - a name they got for the way their football team once played in state competition. But then again, the school didn't look like everybody else's so they annihilated it and built one that would blend in with the rest of encroaching suburbia.
   So here we go again, bang bang bang, conform, conform, conform, do not look at what you have and learn from it, make it disappear, we want new, new, new, to heck with what was here before, we're all that matters now.
   Lorna Barth, Duvall