Northwest NEWS

October 30, 2000

Local News


Oct. 19: For the second time this year, a shed containing nitrous oxide was broken into by prying open the door. This time a canister of gas was stolen from the Woodinville business.
   Oct. 21: Fourth degree assault charges were filed against a male who kicked his girlfriend in the backside. She stated she had stayed out all night and was afraid to go home due to her boyfriend's temper. The suspect came to her work and allegedly assaulted her.
   Oct. 22: A Woodinville business called police after two apparently inebriated males were overheard discussing robbing the establishment. The pair was questioned by police, and one was found to have several outstanding warrants with Snohomish County Sheriff's office. That suspect was booked into King County Jail. The other suspect was asked not to return, but was later found sleeping in his car in the parking lot by a security guard. When he was again asked to leave, he refused and the police took him into custody on trespassing charges.
   Oct. 24: An anonymous Woodinville resident turned over ammunition for disposal to City Hall. Items included 46 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition and 10 rounds of 270 ammunition.
   Oct. 25: A suspected burglary was thwarted by a night- shift employee at a local business. The employee heard doors being opened and observed the suspect running down the hallway.