Northwest NEWS

Nember 6, 2000


Applause for some trick-or-treaters

On Halloween the kids started knocking on my door around 5:45 p.m. The little ones were so cute and giggly. The teenagers were polite and cheerful. At 8:15 it was quiet and no one was on the street so I turned off the porch light and got ready for bed. I rise at 3 a.m. so it would be a short night. I went to bed feeling good about Halloween. The kids who destroyed my Halloween decorations during the night did not dampen my spirit. But I have this to say to them and their parents: All of you could take a lesson from those teenagers who were out knocking on doors for canned food for the less fortunate. I applaud them and their parents for instilling in them the desire to give instead of take.
   Those other kids may have destroyed my material goods, but they did not destroy my enthusiasm for Halloween. Thanks to you kids who know how to trick or treat with smiles and thank you's.
   Kathleen Nesse, Wooden Cross Church neighborhood