Northwest NEWS

Nember 6, 2000


Stuck car blocked school buses, parents

On. Oct. 31, I attended my child's school for Halloween festivities. My son attends the second grade at Wellington Elementary in Woodinville, located next to Leota Junior High School.
   A parent had parked his vehicle on the side of the road on 195th just behind the stop sign toward the entrance to the school, and it became stuck.A Woodinville police car came to give assistance, but to no avail, and the two vehicles now blocked the bus entrance into the school and the parents' way out.
   Because of the blockage, the children had to walk from Wellington to Leota Junior High to get on the buses waiting to take them home, and the parents had to wait for a tow truck to come before they could drive away. I must say that standing next to my car I was glad my child was with me and not waiting for me somewhere else because I wasn't going to get there any time soon.
   I couldn't help wondering if this wasn't a fire hazard since there is only one exit and one entrance out of the school.
   I'm a local. I was raised in Woodinville and went to Leota. I don't understand how, with all the codes and inspections, this lack of entrances and exits could have been overlooked. Also, how did the school notify parents whose children's buses were late due to this problem?
   Elizabeth Huss, Woodinville