Northwest NEWS

Nember 6, 2000


The design of the bridge is beautiful

The long awaited opening of the 124th Street bridge has finally come to the Duvall valley. Even though it has brought much relief to the traffic problem that occurred when 124th was closed, I have found that many people dislike the bridge and consider its color ugly. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion.
   I have to admit that the color of the bridge, consisting of pastel blue, yellow and green, definitely does not go along with the valley's natural highlights, unlike the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge's hunter green color. It is, however, a beautiful design and I welcome the addition to the Duvall area.
   The new bridge is also sixteen feet wider, which places the driver at a much more comfortable distance from the rail. I don't believe that it is an ugly bridge and should be disliked accordingly, though the color is a little off.
   It pleases me that after nearly a year of waiting, it is finally open and that 124th can be used once more. I like the new bridge and I am happy to use it.
   Braum Schofield, Duvall