Northwest NEWS

Nember 6, 2000


Casper needs your help

One of the things that I have always enjoyed during the ten years I have been reading the Woodinville Weekly is the human interest stories. It always touches my heart when people will reach in their pocket to help either a person or animal in need.
   This evening I met Casper, a very gentle and loving golden retriever. Casper is an older dog who was found wandering a few weeks ago and despite efforts to locate his owners no one has come forward. Casper is responding well to the care provided by his foster mother, but needs our help in two ways.
   First, he has two small growths that need to be removed, so he needs some angels who will make donations to his surgical fund. Second, Casper needs a new home where he will receive lots of love, good food and regular veterinary care. He's a dog with lots of love in his heart.
   If you'd like to help Casper, you can meet him at All The Best, 1421 Market St., Kirkland, (425-889-2200). His donation box is there, too, where you can donate cash or checks made out to "Animal Healing Center" for his surgery and follow-up care
   The season of giving will soon be upon us, so perhaps we can all start a little early this year by helping Casper so he can have a good Christmas, too.
   Kathryn L. Heacock, Woodiniville.