Northwest NEWS

Nember 6, 2000


Kenmore receives parks grants

KENMORE - The City of Kenmore has been notified that it is likely to receive two grants from the State Interagency Committee (IAC) for Outdoor Recreation totaling over $290,000.
   The grants will fund work directed towards improving waterfront and boating access to Lake Washington at Tracy Owen Park and the State Department of Fish & Wildlife Kenmore Boat Launch/Kenmore Park.
   The first project would study potential renovation of Tracy Owen Pier, located in Tracy Owen Park, to provide moorage for smaller boats and improvements to the pier, such as railings and lighting.
   The second project is a joint planning project with the State Department of Fish & Wildlife to study potential improvements to the existing Kenmore Boat Launch, including a two-lane boat launch, additional parking, improved circulation, restrooms and picnic facilities.
   This project may also include improvements within the adjacent Kenmore Park to ease boat access into the Sammamish River.
   The grants are intended to fund planning work for these improvements up to the point where they are permitted and ready for construction. It is intended that these grants will be followed up next year with grant applications for actual construction.
   This October, the IAC Boating Committee recommended both projects for funding to the IAC Board.
   In November of this year the IAC Board will make its final decision for funding for Tracy Owen Pier.
   Funding for the Kenmore Boat Launch will be decided in the spring of 2001 when the state legislature reviews the list of IAC's approved projects.
   Kenmore Park and Tracy Owen Park are both owned by King County. Discussions are underway for their transfer to the City of Kenmore as a result of the City's incorporation.
   The discussions have been ongoing for nearly two years and are currently at an impasse.
   It is not clear if the grants would be transferable to King County should the transfer not take place, or if King County would contribute the $48,000 local match to the grants should it be transferable.
   Should the transfer take place, design and planning for the Tracy Owen Pier could begin as early as this winter, while the Kenmore Boat Launch may not begin until later next year.
   For more information, call Steve Anderson, Kenmore City Manager, or Bob Sokol, Community Development Director, at ( 425) 398-8900.