Northwest NEWS

Nevember 6, 2000

Local News


Oct. 25: Police arrived at the house of a woman whose car had been involved in a hit and run. The woman's nephew had been observed by a store employee trying to park next to a vehicle, hitting it, looking at the damage and then driving away. The store employee phoned police with the car's license number.
   Oct. 27: A 20-year-old male punched a 25-year-old male in the mouth, loosening several teeth. The dispute was handled by police and resulted in 4th degree assault charges.
   Oct: 28: Residents in the 126th N.E. and N.E. 156th area of Woodinville reported a suspected burglar. The suspect looked through the blinds of a bedroom window that had been left open. On hearing voices in the bedroom and knowing it was occupied, the suspect fled the scene. Police investigated.
   Oct. 28: A local business was cited for liquor violations after an officer observed patrons still being served and drinking after 2:30 a.m.
   Oct. 30: Police responded to a Northshore School District high school after a security employee observed a group smoking and acting suspiciously. When questioned, several students informed security that one of the students had been trying to sell drugs. Students picked the suspect's picture from the school photo directory. The suspect student and his backpack were searched, revealing several bags of marijuana. Police arrested the suspect on possession and intent to sell and a minor in possession of tobacco products.
   Oct. 30: A silent alarm at a Woodinville business on NE 175th St. tipped police to a robbery in progress. The suspect entered the business and asked for change.When the till was opened the suspect implied he had a handgun in his pocket and removed about $60 from the till, then fled on foot. Police investigated and tracked with canine patrol.
   Oct. 31: A man threatened his ex-wife and her family with bodily harm. Police are investigating.
   Nov. 1: Police arrested a female after responding to a domestic violence call. The suspect was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for parole violations in Kennewick. The suspect also had in her possession a bag of vegetable material that tested positive for marijuana.