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Nevember 6, 2000

Local News

'Take it easy, Bothell!'

BOTHELL - The City of Bothell has identified neighborhood speeding as a major traffic problem and is ready to combat it with a new CityCouncil-adopted program called "Take It Easy, Bothell!" which encourages residents, business and community groups to promote and execute safer and slower driving through its neighborhoods, minimizing speeding and cut-through traffic.
   "Our city staff, residents and council have done a great job in creating a solution to our neighborhood speeding problem," said City Manager Jim Thompson. "It is up to us to take back our neighborhood streets and let our community members receive the credit."
   The Glenwood neighborhood (north of downtown Bothell) has banned together to initiate this program reminding all motorists to "Take It Easy!"
   Bothell citizens are invited to sign up as a "Take It Easy, Bothell!" neighborhood and be responsible for communicating campaign goals and displaying messaging tools such as lawn signs and garbage can stickers.
   There are two phases to the program.The first involves placement of sandwich-board lawn signs advising motorists to "Take It Easy, Bothell!" Bothell Police Traffic Division provides increased presence during this phase, which lasts approximately four weeks.
   The second phase will be continuous as it involves garbage can stickers that residents place where they can easily be seen on garbage pickup day.
   With its continued growth, Bothell has experienced a massive population increase. With that increase comes significant traffic impacts and potential hazardous situations in the City's neighborhoods.