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Nember 6, 2000

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Utah artist Dennis Smith to have local show

The work of artist Dennis Smith is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest gallery public. Smith's work has long been recognized in both the United States and in Europe for its distinctive use of metaphor in bronze.
   More recently, his art has evolved to include multi-dimensional, consciousness challenging assemblages, flying machines reminiscent of childhood fantasy and colorful, high-energy paintings.
   Smith's subject matter centers firmly on human themes. Often formed in the imagery of his rural upbringing, his works are metaphors for universal experiences and feelings.
   He dwells on connections. In his own words, "I am drawn so many directions with my work that I have to prune back constantly to retain proper focus. In a single day, for example, I might work on six different the morning on a clay figure of a child for bronze, then in the afternoon on the printing of an etching, and later that same evening on a painting that has come to mind during dinner, or an idea for a poem. Yet the underlying theme seems to center on connections ...connections between the child and an expanding awareness with the world, connections between a parent and child, connections between who we are and our desire to understand why we are here and what we hope might be."
   Dennis Smith's work will be featured at Gardens & SunSpaces Gallery, 15611 Main Street in Duvall, beginning in mid-November.
   An opening reception will be held Sunday, Nov. 12 from 3-7 p.m.
   Mr. Smith will be in Duvall from his home in the mountains of Utah, and the public is invited to meet and hear this remarkably talented artist. For more information, contact Sunny Ruthchild at 425-788-9844.