Northwest NEWS

Nember 13, 2000


Fire District appreciates support

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support of Fire District 45 and, specifically, your support of the Stations Bond on the recent ballot.
   I believe that the two new stations that will be built are vital to the delivery of quality service to the people who live and work in the district, especially as the area grows into the future.
   Additionally, I take very seriously your willingness to entrust us with your tax dollars, and I will do my best to use them in the most beneficial way possible.
   I also want to recognize and thank some of the people and organizations who contributed time and money to the success of the bond issue. The Citizens for Fire District 45 Committee included John and Margie Coy, Houston Barclay, Becky Nixon, Becky Ish, Diane Salz and Greg Bawden.
   The committee received monetary contributions from Jerry Smith, Wentz Electronics, Duvall Fire Fighters' Association and International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2878. Many others also helped out and are appreciated.
   I will make it a priority to keep the community apprised of progress on the station project and other activities of your fire department. And again, on behalf of the personnel of Fire District 45, thank you for your support.
   John S. Lambert, Fire Chief, District 45